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Unreal & 2021 being quite surreal

Apr 5, 2022

Exhaustion. That’s how I felt having finished the 4th episode of Leaps of Knowledge. With no time to spare, we continued with the 5th… we experimented and rushed with game making. In what felt like three to four weeks, we built a game on Unreal from the ground up, knowing next to nothing about game dev. In spite of that, this building experience… surreal! 

Me, Lou, Soon Seng figuring out kung fu actions.

Immediately, we were hosting walkthrough interviews of Think School with a dozen students and a handful of adults. Think School became an endearing example of what sheer determination and divine intervention can do… we built a virtual school because an immersive experience seemed like the only way to truly show how learning could be designed with deeper meaning and intrigue - one that rewards curiosity and human intuition. We did this to Intentionally break convention and inspire ambition and hope for students and everyone involved in the making of The School. That exhaustion that preceded the 5th episode was soon replaced with exhilaration and heavy huffs and sighs of relief.

First, there were sketches.

And then we built.

It’s been a year (plus) since our last post. Since then, we’ve had vaccines, boosters, drones on mars, watched Space X launch, Tokyo had the Olympics, Covid evolved variants and what's still ongoing... a war. A war.

A few months ago, at the beginning of 2022, we worked on a new game, this time on Unity - with intuitive deep learning at its core. Reimagining how school could look like... again! We realise that in life, a simple task isn't always a simple one-topic – it's usually, many. And because in real life, we learn because we do life... this game will have students do the same. This time we had 1 month to build a proof of concept. How was it? Ridiculously crazy. But good. We've done what we can. Now we wait with bated breath.