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2023 - Designer Interns / contract designers.

Almost all our current work revolves around civic and community minded, social enterprises. If you want to work on projects that matter, and if you can bring your A-game with both mind and soul, to think and solve with whatever tools necessary... don't wait. Contact us.

2021 - internships
part-time/Contract/Freelance designers

If you’re looking for an different kind of agency experience: real clients, real stakes, analogous designing, thinking, prototyping, organising - then you're in for a treat.

They think hard, work hard and have lotsa fun! Designing involves attention, mindfulness and a solid grasp of design principles.

David's Account

My internship at Kesterize was a visionary experience. Kesterize is a conducive and challenging environment for the thinking designer. It is a kind and learning place with a lot of space for the independent designer to manoeuvre and explore. A place with a driven vision and guidance for the growing designer. From a personal perspective, it is also a powerful place for those who are figuring out what you want to do and what life is all about. It is a holistic place not simply for work, but for life. I highly recommend it for those who are looking to do good design for good causes. – David Ngeow (Internship April - July 2017)

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