Design seeks to solve a problem. Solutions present itself by investigation - it derives inspiration from patterns, gains insight from information and contradictions, and draws conclusions based on evidence. Design is therefore thoughtful, intelligent and meaningful. And then, there's muse!


Branding applies design in an ecosystem with coherence and correspondence. Branding considers touchpoints and synthesises them into a symphony of notes. Keys, chords and harmonies, in rhythm and cadence to tell a compelling story that is not only heard, but deeply felt.


Darren Teoh, Dewakan 2014-2017

Kester exclusively handles all aspects of branding design for Dewakan. More so I trust him almost completely to deliver my vision or thought processes into tangibility, and sometimes even intangibility. Working with him is exhilarating because of the raw creative energy he exudes. We feed off each other to create lines and space that become the identity of a restaurant. Perhaps the question is not so much is he ready for you, but more are you ready for him?

Chan Mun Yuen, Managing Editor, Architecture Asia 2014

Kester showed his natural talent and skills as a design master in applying his signature clean, elegant look for the magazine. He also demonstrated excellent organisational skills, a remarkable attention to detail, and a very cool head in handling a great deal of information consisting of text, images, graphics, drawings and charts between numerous parties across different time zones. Above all, he was professional, initiative, reliable and a joy to work with. I could not have asked for a better designer to work on this project with and will be happy to recommend him.

A Truly Malaysian Experience by YTL in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, Malaysia

A Truly Malaysian Experience by YTL in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, Malaysia

YTL / MAD Squared

Art Direction and design in collaboration with MAD Squared, held at The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 2016

Creative Direction and Design in conjunction with Voices for Hospices,

Calendar 2016

Hospis Malaysia / MAD Squared

A custom calendar take-away, for the Voices for Hospices event held at The Majestic Hotel, KL organized by Hospis Malaysia.

Booth Design for Dewakan at Taste MIGF (Malaysian International Gourmet Festival)

Booth Design at Taste MIGF


Booth Design for Dewakan at Taste MIGF (Malaysian International Gourmet Festival), held in Berjaya Times Square, KL.

KDU University College School Prospectus

School Prospectus

KDU University College

KDU University College School Prospectus, featuring a new progressive grit concept.

Identity, Art Direction and Menu Design for Dewakan Restaurant

Restaurant Identity, Art Direction and Menu Design


Identity, Art Direction and Menu Design for Dewakan Restaurant at KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie | Photography by Joshua Chan


Step One

The question persists... How do we, maintain a business wherein good designers, get to do good work, for good causes - and to do so everyday, sustainably. Every so often we attribute 'good work for good causes' - with less than favourable pay. The good designer for good causes - is assumed to be synonymous with - a designer that has minimal pay, and is yet keeping at it, because he or she is compelled to - often in answer to a call. Such a designer with such a call is rare. And a skillfully-good designers, for good causes, is even more rare! How do we change this - how do we find good designers for good causes; how do we afford them; how do we inject funds for good causes to afford good designers (for good design); and how do we address good causes - making the initiative of designing for good causes, a drastically more compelling industry to be a part of. And so it begins. A journey for reconciliation.


Kester Low

Spending 4 years in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, Kester completed his BMm (Honours) majoring in Media Innovation from Multimedia University (MMU) in 2005. Upon graduation, Kester joined Sports Planet, a leading futsal venue, services & franchise chain, as its pioneer Marketing and Communications Director. There, Kester developed and established the iconic Sports Planet corporate identity. A year in, Sports Planet was awarded the Most Promising Franchisor of the Year Award and the Best Sales Growth Award by the Malaysia Franchise Association.

In 2007, Kester began full-time freelance work. Since then, Kester has developed identities for a number of start-ups and provided creative designs for a variety of clients. His portfolio includes art direction and design for magazines, booklets; advertising and promotion material for restaurants, fashion, camps, theatre productions; concept, stage and motion-graphic designs for stadium-scale musical productions. From Nov 2010 - July 2011, Kester joined Calvary Church as a full-time Communications Coordinator. His role included the preparation and presentation of a working paper for the development of an Integrated Online Communications system, a myriad of internal-communication media work, and several key conceptual and design work for Easter and Christmas presentations. Kester also served within the capacity of a programming team developing a contemporary form of church service called the NX. The NX effort precipitated the upgrading of presentation visuals and the integration of new media alongside thematic considerations.

Following a season exploring the arts, philosophy and spirituality in a community gathering called FreeCoffee, the advent of 2013 saw Kester resuming freelance work, increasing and expanding his repertoire of branding and design work, leading to the founding of a studio, Kesterize, in 2015. Alongside Kesterize, Kester also served as Creative Director in MAD Squared from 2016-2018.



Kesterize has worked with

Architecture Asia
Auntie Anne's
Cuisine Riot
Calvary Church
Early Autism Project Malaysia
Food Tour Malaysia
Hospis Malaysia
KDU University College
MAD Squared
Royal Rangers International
Sports Planet
Sports Tech Pro
Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf
YTL Corporation

Work With Us


Q3/Q4 2018 - internship
2018 - part-time/Contract designers

Interns / Apprentices
If you’re looking for an different kind of agency experience: real clients, real stakes, analogous designing, thinking, prototyping, organising - then you're in for a treat.

David's Account

My internship at Kesterize was a visionary experience. Kesterize is a conducive and challenging environment for the thinking designer. It is a kind and learning place with a lot of space for the independent designer to manoeuvre and explore. A place with a driven vision and guidance for the growing designer. From a personal perspective, it is also a powerful place for those who are figuring out what you want to do and what life is all about. It is a holistic place not simply for work, but for life. I highly recommend it for those who are looking to do good design for good causes. – David Ngeow (Internship April - July 2017)


Kesterize Design


Kester Low

Brand Advocate & Designer
D6-2-6, Pusat Perdagangan D6, Jalan Sentul, 51000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
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