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Step One

Aug 2, 2018

The question persists... How do we, maintain a business wherein good designers, get to do good work, for good causes - and to do so everyday, sustainably. Every so often we attribute 'good work for good causes' - with less than favourable pay. The good designer for good causes - is assumed to be synonymous with - a designer that has minimal pay, and is yet keeping at it, because he or she is compelled to - often in answer to a call. Such a designer with such a call is rare. And a skillfully-good designers, for good causes, is even more rare! How do we change this - how do we find good designers for good causes; how do we afford them; how do we inject funds for good causes to afford good designers (for good design); and how do we address good causes - making the initiative of designing for good causes, a drastically more compelling industry to be a part of. And so it begins. A journey for reconciliation.