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Oct 23, 2018

Carrying on with the mission, I pause to question, what is the quotient. What is that one single most important quotient to eye out for - in a potentially good designer? Is there even such a thing? Surely this is oversimplifying. I can spout a few to form a rubric to gauge whether or not, he or she is a good designer... Alas, if I had to choose just one quotient - then the most telling one, should and always will be: what is your love quotient?

What you love, defines a constant: that is the character. And how much you love, dictates behaviour. Everything is a derivative of what you love, and how much you love. Motivation, action, attention, mindfulness, wonder, amazement, focus, distractions, orientation, motivation, perseverance and sacrifice are but a few attributes, determined by the inherent value you place upon that which you love. So love well, love hard and love first. Love with plenty, and love in plenty. Love in loss, love in spite of, and love mercy. Love always, and love last because love lasts. Ohkay, enough about love.

p.s. I googled "love quotient" and found out that Jack Ma's pretty famous for saying that. I forgot this, but yes, I've heard him say that in a Forum once.